Fayetteville NC Flooring

Fayetteville NC Flooring

We walk around all day on every type of flooring material imaginable - yet we hardly ever give a second glance to the flooring beneath our feet. Unless, that is, it stands out and grabs us by the eyeballs and shouts "Look at me!" If you are considering your flooring options, below is a summary of each of the main flooring materials.

Spend a little time getting to know the different types of flooring materials available here before making any decisions - you will never regret it!

Fayetteville NC Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring started off life years ago as a cheap alternative to solid hardwood flooring and although there are still some misguided apprehensions about using this particular type of flooring, the truth is that just like any job you attempt, the end result will always depend on the amount of planning and preparation you do.

Manufacturers of laminate flooring have now realized its potential and products incorporating designs made to be durable and practical are now the norm. Just about any surface finish is available, such as stone, cork, wood, marble, bamboo and special handcrafted varieties.

The best laminate flooring can be installed over most sub-floor surfaces, the main criteria being that the surface is flat and bump free. Ease of fitting is a positive for these floors, most consisting of a 'snap-together' mechanism whereby no glues or other adhesives are necessary in order to give a no-gap professional looking finish.

Flooring Facts

Being 'flat' does not mean being 'level'. Although many people refer to the floor being 'level', the important thing is flatness. Being level is not nearly so important.

In many unit developments these days, noise is a factor that must be considered when installing any type of flooring, but especially with laminates. Using the correct type of underlayment for your flooring can dramatically reduce noise transmission. Other benefits of good underlayment's are its properties as a moisture barrier and as an insulator.

Laminate is also a popular choice when there is a height restriction to consider. Unless your base floor needs a considerable amount of self-leveling compound (and it might!), doors may not have to be trimmed. See our article on Directions for Installing Laminate Flooring for more information.

Laminate is available with a pre-finished look, where the timber has had a high or semi-gloss finish applied at the factory before delivery. Either way, you are free to finish your laminate floor with your own lacquer finish if so desired.


  • Looks like the real thing
  • Easy to install / Easy to maintain
  • Extremely cost efficient
  • Huge range of realistic simulations


  • Not suitable for very damp areas
  • Not as durable as wood, vinyl or Lino
  • Can sound hollow underfoot
  • Not as warm as real wood

Fayetteville NC Carpet

There is nothing quite like carpeting to really transform a room from a simple living area into a focal point for family and friends to gather. Apart from the obvious aesthetic values of carpet, they all feel great to walk on and these days even with children and pets to worry about, today's stain protection is extremely good. Even stains caused by the dreaded red wine are no longer a worry.

When considering a new carpet, give some thought to where it is going to be used and what the traffic flow will be like over it. You may wish to consider using area rugs over an otherwise plain tile or wood floor, instead of all carpeting.

There is a performance rating guide that you can use that goes from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest rating and best for high-traffic areas.

Carpet Types

Before you choose your carpeting you should know what the various carpet types are. First, there are the various types of fibers available - what your carpet is actually made of. The main types are;

Fiber Characteristics
  • Hard wearing
  • Dries easily when wet
  • Does not easily create static
  • Chemical resistant, resistant to mold growth
  • Stain and soil resistant
  • Resistant to fading in sunlight
  • Is the lightest of all the fibers
Acrylic Fiber Characteristics
  • Flexible aesthetics for wool-like, cotton-like, or blended appearance
  • Dries easily when wet
  • Resistant to moths
  • Chemical resistant, resistant to mold growth and oils
  • Stain and soil resistant
  • Resistant to fading in sunlight
Nylon Characteristics
  • Extremely strong fibers
  • Flexible
  • Resistant to wear by abrasion
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals
  • Does not easily absorb moisture
  • Very soft material
Polyester Fiber Characteristics
  • Very strong fibers
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Dries easily when wet
  • Resists mold growth
  • Resistant to wear by abrasion
  • Easy to clean
Wool Characteristics
  • Very hard wearing and durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Very warm underfoot
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not easily absorb moisture
  • Resistant to wear by abrasion

Next, consider the way the fibers are constructed - the pile.

There are several different construction types of pile but in order to simplify things it is easier to mention only the main four - Cut Pile, Level Loop, Multilevel Loop and Textured. Each of these construction techniques can be combined to create variations in carpet flooring texture.

Cut Pile
Cut Pile Saxony Carpet.In cut pile carpet the usual loops are cut, resulting in a flat, plain finish. The density of the pile, what fiber is used in construction and amount of twist in the pile will determine the quality and durability of the carpet.

Level Loop
Level Loop Pile Carpet. This carpet features loops of pile that are of the same height, hence the name. Again, density of the fiber and type of fiber used will determine the quality and durability.

Multilevel Loop
Multilevel Loop Pile Carpet This carpet has loops of pile at different heights, thereby allowing interesting patterns to be created in the carpet.

Textured (or "Frieze") Frieze Pile Carpet
Textured carpet is cut and twisted to form a patterned carpet design. The twist in the pile gives the carpet a hard wearing surface that resists marks from vacuums and footprints well.

Fayetteville NC Wood Floors

Wood flooring is without doubt the most popular choice when it comes to installing a new flooring option. Available in a wide range of hardwoods and softwoods, wood will last forever and needs little maintenance in order to keep its appeal and beauty. A modern addition to today's range of floors is laminate floors. Laminates have brought look-alike flooring options to consumers that may not be able to afford a real wood floor - and the good news is that they look great!

Many people discover an old wood floor underneath old carpet and wonder whether they can restore it to its former glory. The answer is almost always "Yes", unless it is suffering from a serious rot problem or some form of boring beetle. Even then, it is always worth getting a second opinion from an expert before consigning your floor to the garbage tip.
If cost is a prime factor in the choice between laminate or solid wood, consider the fact that there is a ready market in second-hand flooring. This is available from specialist dealers or individuals who can't spare the time and effort it takes to prepare an old wood floor. Nails may need to be removed and there may be a few bumps and dents in it - but if cost is an issue, don't overlook it.

Another important issue you should consider when buying any new solid wood product is where it comes from. There are unfortunately suppliers who aren't too bothered whether their supplies are purchased from sustainable resources or not, so always look for a properly accredited supplier. In the US, the Forest Stewardship Council ( offers certification that consumers can trust when it comes to purchasing timber products. Some popular solid hardwood flooring are Oak, Cherry, Maple, Bamboo Flooring, Walnut, Beech and Ash.

For each of these flooring options there are different grades of floor available. Grading refers to the quality of a floor with regard to its color and grainy appearance. Sometimes what you see in the supplier's brochure isn't quite what you get when the product is laid. You should always make sure that you are viewing at the showroom is what you will get at home, but always remember that wood is a natural product and no two pieces will be the same - one of the beauties of natural wood floor.

Fayetteville NC Stone Floors

Some of the most beautiful and perhaps the oldest type of floor covering are stone floors. It was the only known type of flooring in medieval times when resilient flooring or mosaic tiles simply did not exist. Even Cleopatra is known to have made extensive use of stone in her palace!
Why Is Stone So Popular?
There are as many numbers of reasons for its popularity as there are lovers of flooring! Add to that the countless variety of stones available all over this world. Here are some of the reasons that are most compelling to choose stone for your floor:
►Completely natural patterns and colors, regardless of their variety, that enchants owners and guests alike.
►The cool feel. Stone loses heat faster than other flooring materials.
►The exquisite finish of stone is virtually unmatched by any other flooring types. Stone has a rich and expansive look.
►Stone is very hygienic because it is smooth and non-porous, making it moisture and bacteria-resistant.
►Stone is very easy to clean – simply wipe with a damp cloth or mop.
►Most stone is scratch-proof.

Types of Popular Stones Used In Stone Flooring

There are countless varieties of stone used for flooring that are popular in every region of the country. However, there are some that are extremely popular because of their majestic look and wide variety of colors.

Marble is regarded as a royal stone by nearly everyone. Nearly every homeowner has secretly wished to have his/her home laid with marble flooring. Marble is chiefly quarried in India, Italy, and Egypt. Marble is composed of calcium carbonate and its colors and patterns are due to what are called “impurities”. Marble is among the softer stones.
Granite: Granite is perhaps the hardest stone of all, and is equally good looking. Granite finishes very well and is available in a wide variety of colors. The current range in color is from jet black to light gray.  Limestone:
This stone is a recent hit with many popular hotels and resorts. Even new corporate buildings prefer Limestone flooring. Limestone flooring has a shiny finish, and the colors available make it ideal for public establishments. 
 A close relative of limestone, but usually with a more rustic finish, sandstone is used to give a cool, slip free surface that is hard, durable and with a small amount of care and maintenance will last forever. 
This stone flooring is perhaps the least expensive. It is easier to handle than the other types of stone flooring. Slate flooring is moisture-resistant, making it good for bathrooms and basements. Your best bet is to use thin cut tiles if installing a slate tile floor in your home, because in slab form, as with the other types of stone flooring, slate flooring is very heavy. 
Terrazzo is a produced or manufactured finish whereby hard stone chippings (especially marble or granite) are mixed with concrete, and the concrete mixture is poured on site, similar to laying a concrete slab. When the concrete has set, the next stage is to grind the surface back then highly polish it to form a durable and unique surface finish. One thing about Terrazzo is that you will never see two floors exactly the same. 

All stone flooring materials are available as slabs and tiles of different sizes, but the standard size for tiles is 2’ by 1’.

Six popular textures of stone flooring are:
Honed texture with medium sheen
Polished texture which is the glossiest and smoothest surface finish
Flamed texture that is porous and has the roughest look
Semi-rough texture
Textured by sand blasting under high pressure with water
Traditional Tiled Floor - Traditionally used in bathrooms and kitchens, floor tiles are beginning to be used in other areas such as living rooms and bedrooms to create stunning areas of color and texture. Today's floor tiles can be created to look like many other materials too, and there really are no limits to the effects that can be created. Quite often all that is needed is a bit of creative thought and imagination, whether you are tiling yourself or are hiring a tradesman to do the job for you, to create a room that has that "wow" factor.
Mosaic Patterned Tile - Mosaic Tile can be laid in a completely random fashion or, more commonly, in a pattern or even represent an image or picture. You are free to use mosaic floor tiles in any way you choose. For instance, if you are creating a mosaic on a small table, you my want to create your own by using smashed and broken ceramic tiles. If you have a large area to cover, you may wish to use mosaic that has been created for you - on a mesh backing. All you have to do is to lay the entire sheet of tiles on your flooring surface.
Terracotta Tiled Floor - Terracotta Tiles are traditionally used in their unglazed but sealed state, and produce floors that have a beautiful hand-crafted look about them. They don't always have to be a standard 8" or 12" tile either. Octagonal and other shaped tiles can be contrasted with other types of tile, like ceramic, to create a subtle contrast in the finished look and texture. As a natural material, each Terracotta floor tile is subtly different from the next so you can be sure that your floor will be unique.
Ceramic Floor Tile - Ceramic Tile can be a great replacement for more expensive materials like marble and granite, at a fraction of the cost. If you have a favorite photo you can have it embedded in a ceramic tile, or create realistic floors that look like water. The possibilities are endless. This is a traditional type of flooring that has had a whole new range of looks added to increase its appeal and usability. Of course, it is perfect for walls, too, and in a similar variety and range.
Glass Floor Tiles - Glass Tiles are made from recycled glass pieces Glass Tiles are available in various shades and textures, not just the usual glass blocks that we used to see. From mosaic patterns to brick shapes, they are different from any other material in the quality of finish that they bring to a room. Difficult and expensive, so get an expert to assist or fit for you - it will probably save money and your nerves!
Porcelain Floor Tiles - Porcelain Tiles are the most expensive of the tiling options you have, and are man made by compacting dust at very high pressures. They have a low water absorbency rate of around 0.5% and are extremely dense, meaning that if required, they do not have to be glazed. Porcelain can easily be made to mimic other materials, like stone, and hence is a very cost effective flooring material. One advantage of porcelain is the wide availability of larger than average sizes, making floor tiling even easier for the DIY person. On the subject of DIY, you will need to use a diamond wheel for these tiles, as they are extremely hard.
Steel Floor Tiles - Metal Tiles can be stainless steel, industrial grating or anything in between. Traditionally used in commercial applications, it is now available for residential use including tiles replicating other metals like bronze, brass or plain steel. It can be used alone or embedded in floor tiles to create unique looking points of interest. Stainless steel floors are expensive and will probably require the help of a skilled fitter who is used to working with material, but the end results are worth the effort.
Specialty Tile
In addition to the more common types of flooring materials, specialty flooring offers homeowners a wider choice for those looking for different ways of decorating their homes. Using non-standard flooring materials is one way to completely change the look of a room.
Why Consider Specialty Flooring?
Many people want their homes to look different to those of their neighbors’. Using non-standard flooring options is one way to do this. New technologies and techniques have made it possible to manipulate different materials to make viable flooring options. Now, the characteristics of certain types of materials can be made to really stand out and create a stunning floor.
Common Types of Specialty Flooring
Concrete Flooring
Concrete flooring is now available in a variety of sizes, designs, patterns, textures and colors. Concrete can be quite heavy, so you must be careful during installation. There is a special chemical procedure for aging concrete so that it looks very beautiful and luxurious. Using concrete instead of another pricey material, such as marble or granite can save you quite a bit of money. Additionally, the rooms laid with concrete will look very unique...
Metal Flooring
Metal flooring has become very versatile. Not as popular as other types flooring material, it was once used only in commercial and industrial buildings. Difficult to install but virtually maintenance free, metal flooring can be manipulated to simulate bronze or brass. In addition, metal tiles can be interspersed with other types of flooring materials to make a very interesting and stunning floor...
Leather Flooring
Leather is not something that only your grandmother would have as a flooring material. Leather has an unmistakable rich and luxurious look. It is also relatively expensive, but the expense is well worth it. Leather tiles come in different colors, shades and textures so it is easily customizable to any room. Leather is also very soft and warm, making a leather floor very comfortable and inviting to walk on...

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